Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-01 um 17.33.50I offer personalized learning processes with the Grinberg Method®. In a structured process I teach you to deal with physical and mental patterns, as well as to recover from injuries, to support your well-being, and to achieve more general wishes for change in your life. The Grinberg Method offers a somatic approach to learning how to notice and stop habits that limit you, while emphasizing individual abilities and

strengthening your body as a foundation for taking a more active role in your own life.

By learning to stop unwanted physical and mental habits and patterns, you also learn how to create the best circumstances in order to maintain and increase your well-being as you experience the challenges of everyday life.

This learning process can start with anything – a symptom, a physical need, or a wish. It’s about life changes – either learning to deal with them, or to create them –
with energy, confidence, and pleasure.

For a free conversation about how I can support your learning, please call me from Monday-Wednesday between 10:00AM and 12AM.

Please note that sessions can be in English, Danish, or German.

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